I am a single mum traversing this very interesting road of solo parenting 2 children on the Autism Spectrum.  It’s a tough gig, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world.  My kids are so different from me, but I see so much of myself in them.  Their brains may work in an extraordinarily different way to mine, but we love each other, laugh together, cry together, learn together and we teach each other everyday. We are a family.  We are different.  But we are the same.



  • Trio: Refers to myself, my daughter and my son
  • GG: Refers to my daughter (aka Gorgeous Girl)
  • BB: Refers to my son (aka Beautiful Boy)
  • Siblings: Refers to GG & BB
  • Kidlets: Refers to GG & BB
  • The OT: Refers to our Occupational Therapist

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